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Get-A-Way Retreats
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2025 Retreat -

March 5th - March 12th

We are limiting the number of

retreaters to 50 this retreat. 

Register Early!

Stitch your way to serenity at TQM's 7-day spring retreat, a needle-and-thread oasis for

quilters and sewists.

Recharge your creative battery and refine your skills at TQM's immersive spring retreat, featuring dedicated sewing spaces,  an onsite quilt shop, Clover Cottage, and endless opportunities to connect with fellow fabric fanatics.


2024 Retreat - Sept 11th - 18th

We are limiting the number of

retreaters to 50 this retreat. 

Register Early!

Embark on a tranquil journey of stitching at TQM's week-long spring retreat, an idyllic haven for quilters and sewists alike

Revitalize your creative spirit and elevate your skills at TQM's  spring retreat. Immerse yourself in dedicated sewing spaces, explore the charming onsite quilt shop, Clover Cottage, and seize countless opportunities to bond with like-minded fabric enthusiasts.

Imagine entering an oasis of creativity, where the  hum of sewing machines sets the pace for a week of stitching and storytelling. This isn't just any quilting retreat; it's a place where time slows down, and the art of quilting takes center stage.

At this haven, you'll have the opportunity to refine your craft. Experienced quilters, will share their wisdom with you, unveiling techniques as old as your grandma's treasured quilt. Before long, you'll be navigating fabric with the confidence of a seasoned sailor.

But it's not all about the work; it's about the community. Here, you'll join a diverse group of quilters, each with their own story sewn into their quilts. Swap patterns and ideas as if they were campfire tales, learning from each other's successes and challenges. Whether you're admiring a quilt with a history as rich as Methuselah's or picking up a new stitch from a woman whose wit is as sharp as a stiletto, every moment is an opportunity for growth and connection.

And let's not forget the food! Hearty meals, will fuel not just your body but also your creative spirit. Trust me, after a meal like that, your needle won't be the only thing humming.

In the end, this sewing retreat is not a whirlwind, but a joyful sanctuary for your needle-loving soul. It's a chance to learn, share, and stitch your way back to your center. You'll return home with a heart filled with warmth, a mind brimming with new tricks, and a new chapter woven into the fabric of your life.

So, let your imagination unfurl like a bolt of fabric. Grab your machine, pack a curious mind, and embark on this treasure hunt of creativity and community. It's time to sew your own peaceful adventure!

Rulers Rule

Binding Tools

The Binding Tool_edited.jpg

Whether your project is large or small, here is an easy solution to binding. 

Triangle Tools

Triangle Tool.jpeg

Make perfect half-square triangles every time!

Fold-A-Way Ruler



This ruler is the answer. 

Bias Ruler

The Bias Ruler 1.jpg

Makes bias binding

quick and easy

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